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New NightHawk V98 Optics GEN 4.0
New NightHawk V98 Optics GEN 4.0
New NightHawk V98 Optics GEN 4.0
New NightHawk V98 Optics GEN 4.0
New NightHawk V98 Optics GEN 4.0

New NightHawk V98 Optics GEN 4.0

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Are You Wasting Precious Hunting Time Configuring Your Sites?
Isn't it so frustrating wasting money online buying very cheap screens and low capacity battery electronics, that turn out to just be bulky, cheap plastic. For a routine night hunter the worst equipment you can go out with at night is an IR camera that is very poor quality and only provides a clear image at about 15-20yrds maximum, because anything further it just loses all focus and cannot be adjusted enough to correct the image on the screen - then the hogs or coyote runs off 🙄
Buying Cheap Sights Isn't Worth Someone's Life Or Your Freedom 
The primary disadvantage of hunting using cheap sights is that it can be a dangerous activity. The International Hunter Education Association estimates that around 1,000 people are accidentally shot in North America by hunters every year. About 10% of those shootings result in a fatality. It is an injury risk that affects hunters and non-hunters alike
98% Of Customers Leave A ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review Saying It's As Good As It Looks
Were accountable for opening up a whole world of opportunities for shooting, viewing, trophy collecting or hunting at night allowing you to easily upgrade any standard daytime scope into a professional top trophy collecting night vision system 
Comes with free IR Pro Torch that picks up anything
  • Enjoy being unstoppable you won't miss at night with one of these
  • Does not need IR torch on to see
  • Boost your trophy collection 
  • Easy switch access for Thermal, Infrared And Normal Vision Mode 
  • Increase productivity day or night time 
  • Universal will go on any standard daytime scope up to 45mm tube diameter
Easy Adjustable Screen Brightness And Contrast
  • Keep your property safe from predators
  • Record exciting video footage in 1080p full HD quality
  • Improve your success and accuracy rate
  • Great for Koon hunting
  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  • Easily will last up to 5-6hrs at night while your Yote hunting 
New Pro Features 
Record your day & night time hunting or viewing adventures in the highest quality possible with ease and save all your memorable moments in 1080p full HD avi/mp4 format on the inbuilt SD card which can expand up to 64GBs

Screen Live HD Video On Your Mobile Screen At Any Time 

Connect your scope setup to your mobile phone via WiFi and have immense fun streaming on your phone screen. Click pictures or videos through your phone and share it with friends or family in real time. Download the RoadCam App (Available on Andriod, Play store and IOS)

New 2020 Upgraded 1080P HD LED Screen
LED screen for high quality 1080p image during day and night time. We guarantee up to 85% reduced snow flake, rain and grain effects on screen even at zoom/long range (compared to other older brands or models) Packed with saturation settings, multiple languages and video recording software
Super Quick Connect Adaptor 
Improved mounting system features two different types of mount tubes: Twist lock quick connect type and set screw type mount tubes making it extremely stable and effective in all conditions and compatible with most rifles, Nikons and crossbows on the market up to 45mm tube diameter 
High Precision Camera Lens See For Up To 350 Yards
Powered with the best Gen 4.1 advanced digital night vision chip and state-of-the-art 3MP 16mm HD infrared lens. Experience true power, calm and accuracy in full HD video/images 
NightHawk V98 Optics VS Other Generic Night Vision Sights
The new NightHawk V98 Optics is the only high-end original sight on the market that incorporates Gen 4.0 obsidian core digital chips to aid you in optimum performance: take a look at the chart below to compare some of our best features that will make you 100% more satisfied on your outdoor adventures
Free Upgraded Laser Infrared Torch
This magnificent torch provides up to 350 yards clear night vision range and up to 5x better clarity than most other cheaper IR generic brands available elsewhere it's also engineered and shipped from the USA. It changes your standard gun from one gun to another in less than two minutes and has been weather proof tested up to -20 degree Celsius
What's Included In The Box
  • 1x 1080p HD Night Vision Camera
  • 1x Set Screw Camera Mount Tube
  • 1x Quick Connect Mount Tube 
  • 1x Free Infrared Torch
  • 1x Screen
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x MicroSD Card
  • Battery Not Included

How to Set Up Easily In 5 Steps

1. Secure the display and IR light on the optical sight with the pipe clamp

2. Loosen the plastic screws (totally eight), and centrally fix the connecting tube in the rear of the eyepiece of the optical sight

3. Turn on the machine and rotate the lens of the machine (inside the tube) to adjust the focus, and adjust the cross line of optical sight to be clear.

4. Adjust the position of the connecting tube, and tighten the screws till the cross line in the centre of the display. And the commissioning of the machine is complete till now

5. In the future application, if the image is blurred caused by the different distances of the objects, the image clarity shall be adjusted by side focus roller (and the parallax adjustment roller) attached with the optical sight. Do not move the machine lens, otherwise the cross line will be blurry


  • Type - Rifles & Crossbows
  • Weight - 0.7KG
  • Effective Visual Distance - 350 Yards
  • IR Ray Launcher Type - Single Transmitter
  • Operating Voltage - 18650(Batteries not included)
  • Screen Size - 5inch HD LED
  • Magnification - 2X


1) What kind of recoil can this handle?

It is designed to withstand shock and recoil. Make sure it is mounted securely to your scope s per the instructions. We recommend using it up to .308 calibre

2) Will it fit on a 40mm scope?

It comes with mount tubes that can fit scopes up to 45mm diameter 

3) How far can you see in total darkness?

You will be able to see up to 350 yards with the stock infrared light on in total darkness

4) My scope doesn't have an objective lens, will I still be able to get clear picture? it's a 3-9-50 Leopold scope.

The camera will see exactly what your eyes see's, so yes it will work perfectly don't worry

5) Does it come with instructions?

User manual and step-by-step installation video tutorial is sent via email for every order. If you did not receive the email, contact our 24/7 live customer support via our website and we'll get it sent to you right away

6) What batteries will I need and is it included?

Batteries aren't included only the charger we suggest you to buy our original batteries which you can add to cart down below to avoid buying low capacity batteries so you can have more up time; it uses (3x 18650 Type 3.7V Batteries) 

7) Where is this item shipped from?

We are a U.S owned and operating company all our stock are shipped from the U.S 

8) How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Most orders are delivered in record time just 1-5 Days by tracked USPS even with free shipping you may also opt for expedited shipping at checkout to get it faster

9) Does it come with a guarantee or warranty?

Yes it comes with a 7 days return under any circumstance with a 1 year warranty contact us via email or 24/7 live chat support if there's any issues with your order

10) Can it be returned if I don't like it?

Please contact us via email or live chat on our site within 7 days of receiving our package and well assist you in a return and full refund 

11) Is the flash light a regular torch light?

The flashlight is infrared and is not visible to the naked eye. It is not a regular flashlight, you may only see a warm red glow to indicate that the light is on but it wont alarm your prey